Staying Sane in COVID-19 quarantine

Been inside for days on end, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Chances are you’re feeling a bit cabin feverish- or at the very least, feeling insanely bored! The irony in wanting more free time and not feeling fulfilled when you do have it, is real. And to make things worse, that pile of clothes that I said I would fold is still sitting there waiting for me to be bored enough to fold them! I don’t seem to be very good with having an endless bout of free time- while being trapped at home. Are you? Even if you are working from home, you’ll likely find yourself with some additional time. And you should be able to structure that time more efficiently than if you were at work for 8 hours straight. Ergo, more free time! So far, almost everything that I’ve come across is telling me to learn a new language, a new skill, read that book! I’ve read the lists of things to do, while in lockdown, from my bed, and ambitiously planned to implement some of those activities into my day- tomorrow, or the day after that...

The truth is though, that almost everyone is struggling to find meaningful activities to fill their days but we seem to be missing that it is alright to sit back and relish in doing nothing for a while. Starting your day with a positive thought like, I can go back to bed and sleep for another 10 hours, will really help put things into perspective!

But seriously, being relaxed and getting between 7-9 hours of sleep isn’t such a bad idea, so don’t feel guilty for sleeping in! Sleep-deprived bodies have a harder time fighting off infectious diseases, according to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that we are more likely to get infected with other types of viruses (like influenza) when sleep-deprived. Apart from this, your phone does need to charge! Chances are that you aren’t going to be able to maximise every hour that you have. You’ll have a lot of moments where you feel like shirking all your responsibilities, sleeping or binge watching shows all day … otherwise known as self-care? When you aren’t engrossed in your iconic self-care routine, take advantage of some of the free resources that are being offered during this time period. THIS list of free resources is pretty cool. You can also check out UDEMY and COURSERA. By the time you get through these, it should be time to step outside!

Here’s hoping that you’re able to make the most out of this pandemic, even if all you do is sleep, and eat junk food.. Oops I mean, practice self-care!

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