"Malika Warrior Queen" the Nigerian-Made Animated Series

Updated: May 20, 2019

Malika Warrior Queen

Nollywood has been proven to be a huge success for Nigeria over the years, producing loads of productions yearly. Now they are venturing more into the world of Animation. The Nigerian animation industry is on the rise and it has the potential to flourish as another Nigerian-owned and operated film industry.

Roye Okupe, the CEO of YouNeek Sudios is a one of the trailblazers for this industry. He aims to transform Nigeria's animation industry into major industry of entertainment with his series, Malika, Warrior Queen. Currently in production, this series follows, Nigerian stories, like that of Queen Amina of Zazzau (Zaria), the 15th century northern Nigerian ruler who the superhero Malika character is based on.

In an interview with OkayAfrica ( https://www.okayafrica.com/ ) Okupe had this to say:

" The focus was to create compelling and extraordinary characters and stories inspired by African history and culture, put out there for the entire world and slowly build our fanbase. And when we felt the time was right, add animated stories based on the books to what we're already doing with the graphic novels. Now is that time. "

" Anyone who knows anything about animation knows just how time-consuming and expensive it can be, That's why it's tough for a lot of companies to get animation projects off the ground. But we've managed to use our own resources to produce something small for now.

We need help producing episode one for Malika, Warrior Queen. As I mentioned, animation is very expensive. But we've been able to bring costs down by investing our own financial resources in the project first. Now we just need help getting across the finish line. We're currently running a Kickstarter to raise the money for episode one of Malika. You can check that out here. At the very least, just follow the link to see the 2-minute animated teaser. I promise you won't regret it! "

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