Magonolia Characters Profiles

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Introducing Kimberly Davis

25 year old Kimberly Davis has known Rachael aka Magonolia since age 2. Taking on a big sister role, Kimberly gives Magonolia lots of support in helping her cope with her journey.

Kimberly has a degree in psychology, social work, accounting and law.

Introducing Lou-Cinda Lamos

Wife of the deceased general Landan Lamos, mother of Lallane and from the royal house of the planet Capernaum.

Ater the death of her husband, Lou-Cinda Lamos found refuge on earth and eventually returned to Capernaum to be appointed ‘Capital Queen’ of Auggurat City.

Lou - Cinda is played by Charli Griffith

Introducing Lallane

Daughter of the former General Landan Lamos from the planet Capernaum.

Lallane is gifted with super strength, advanced combat skills and mind control.

After the death of her father, Lallane is next in line to control almost half of Capernauam’s special military unit.

Lallane is played by Khaliyah Jaggernath Mills

Introducing Riko! Riko is a 6th level Intellect. His expertise in physics, engineering, biology, and everything else could potentially allow him to find a solution to any problem. He will help in assisting Magonolia to control her powers...

Riko is played by music artiste HD57

Introducing the superhero ‘Magonolia’ Magonolia is a story of a teenage superhero, her journey, her untapped powers and much more. 16 year old Rachel Quintino will have to deal with the lost of her mother, a drunken father and her uncontrollable super powers. But luckily she has two good friends on her side to help her through this intense journey.

Magonolia is played by Aaliyah Maharaj

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