ELLE plans to venture in an Education project globally, with a series of online learning courses for anyone with a bit of fashion interest.

Created to follow the ELLE International X MIT Innovation Leadership For Fashion & Luxury Consumer Brands Programme, ELLE has decided to give the International community an opportunity to educational programmes online.

Having a commitment to empower women professionally, ELLE is giving an awesome opportunity to develop new skills within the lockdown, however long it may last.

There would be seven programmes available 100% online, due to launch in June. These programs will be centered around the Fashion and Luxury industries.

7 Programs will be launched this year:

•Image consultant and Personal shopping (40h, 1.200€)

•How to create a fashion brand (40h, 900€)

•Wedding Planning (40h, 900€)

•Event Design (40h, 900€)

•Event Production (40h, 900€)

•Communication and Marketing for Luxury and Fashion (240h, with a diploma, 2.500€)

•Retail Management (240h, with a diploma, 2.500€)

Each Program will include online academic material (case studies, lessons, video) and will also encompass experience-sharing sessions with experts such as designers, CEOs and editors.



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