Croatia's film industry to open with perks

Nina Obuljen Korzinek, the Croatian Culture Minister, has said that Croatia could be among the countries to attract new film productions first after the global lock-down, but not before their borders were reopened, regular flights have been restored and the film industry was set in motion again.

She was quoted in saying:

“We are recognised internationally as a country that was able to guarantee a higher level of safety than some other countries and there are certain indications that we could be among the first countries to attract new productions,” the minister said after a video conference of EU culture ministers on measures to be taken and pre-crisis co-productions and cooperation.

She added that following emergency aid to cultural workers left without any income due to the coronavirus crisis, the priority now will be given to relaunching the cultural sector.

Theatres and cinemas were reopened on Monday (18/05/2020)but with social distancing rules in place with patrons being told to stay 1.5-metre physical distance from each other.

European Culture Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said at the conference that the budget for culture will be increased with the use of EU funds being enabled.

Additionally, applications for grants from the European Social Fund were invited, to help those from the cultural sector who had difficulty implementing their programmes due to the lock-down.

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