Best Of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end here are some of our best persons of 2018.

Best Photographer Of 2018 - Jade Lily

Best Creative Person Of 2018 - Iyanna The Model

Best Male Host Of 2018 - Remrod (The New Spot)

Best International Host - Cede Sanity

Best Caribbean Host- Stefie Montez

Best Model Of 2018 - Naomi Chin Wing

Best Short Film Of 2018 - The Deliverer

Best Cosplay Event Of 2018 - Animekon World Of Wonder

Best TV Show Of 2018 - Cosplayers Connected

Best Actress Of 2018 - Letitia Wright

Best Actor Of 2018 - Winston Duke

Best Female Artiste Of 2018 - Dyna Edyne

Best Male Artiste Of 2018 - HD57

Best Female Cosplayer Of 2018 - Krystina Arielle Tigner

Best male Cosplayer of 2018 - Jonathan Belle

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