Andrella The Film

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The latest Character from the Ville Ventures Universe, 'Andrella' begins production.

According to creator Ancil Harris, Andrella is an essential key to the discovery of Magonolia.

Andrella is from the planet Capernaum and a descendant from a spy and assassin group know as the 'Trangellas'

During a civil war decades ago in Capernaum, the Trangellas became divided, some for the planet's government and some for the resistance.

Andrella kept serving the Royal House because of her promise to her deceased parents.

In this short film, Andrella will be the first one to discover the powers of the teenage superhero, Magonolia and will report it to a small section of royal family within Capernaum.

The film stars 21 year old Kally Shade playing Andrella. The film is expected to be out this summer.

Check out the poster below

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