Updated: May 19, 2020

Within bad moments, even catastrophic moments there is always something to be positive about. One way to stay calm, is to focus on the present. Accept reality as is, and realize what you can do.

Another way, is to look towards the future and begin asking questions. What will happen after all this is over? What good will come from this? There is always something you can aspire to in these dark times.

So in keeping the positive vibe. Here are 6 positive things that can happen because of the pandemic.

1. Remote work for everyone

Remote work only happens in emergency situations. Even if it’s officially allowed, shifting towards more work from home will often get you weird looks and rumours to start.

However if it is as productive or even more productive than going to the office, more companies may sway to the idea of employees working from home permanently.

With only desktops or laptops and internet access needed, employees and even companies will be happier with more autonomy. It can be something that will save everyone time and money.

2. Cashless payments everywhere

Humans are creatures of habit, and once you start to get accustom to something (Which seems better and faster), the likelihood of you going back to what you use to is very low. Paying cashless, will only go up from here. Even the most die-hard cash fan might be swayed by the ease of swiping a card if they have to do it for a period of time. Not to mention the pet peeve that has developed due to the handling of money in which germs and virus reside.

3. Less spending

Right now people are focusing on what’s really important.

Who feels like buying fancy clothes now? Who cares about VIP tickets? When your expectations change and you focus on necessities, you gain a new perspective on life.

The important things now matter. If you can’t fill your spare time with distractions, the only alternative is to spend it on meaningful things.

This ultimately reduces the amount of spending you may have been doing. Cost of travel, accessories for work and entertainment have reduced.

4. bETTER on-demand services and delivery.

It's not bad if most things are delivered straight to your door. Food, Clothes, Entertainment, etc is just a call or a click away.

During the Pandemic on-demand and delivery services have stepped up their games.

Coronavirus, has accelerate the availability of on-demand services and delivery around the globe.

Who knows even your doctor, optician, hairdresser might all come to you soon.

5. Improved global crisis management

This will go down one of the worst crisis in history. Many countries were caught with their pants down, in terms on their preparedness, although the information was generated quickly and spread with relative efficiency, many analyses and reports. The world is still scrambling to get a hold of things.

Italy is one of the most advanced nations on the planet, and its healthcare system collapsed in the span of two weeks. Restaurant chain Vapiano filed for insolvency just two days after being forced to close most locations. 200 scientists had to write an open letter to the UK government to finally get them to take action.

If this were to happen all over again, Everyone involved would do one, two or ten things differently. At the very least, the world should have had emergency reserves for basic hygienic goods, medication, and medical equipment. Things should improve. Just like 9/11 changed airport security forever, Coronavirus will change everything for the better... hopefully.

6. People will be cleaner... we hope.

The obsessive compulsive use of masks, gloves, Hand sanitizers, and soap should turn the human interaction into a cleaner one. Not to mention social distancing when sick should get people to be more considerate of one another. In addition the environment is healing itself making the world cleaner.

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